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"IMT40's presents!!!"

IMT40's collection of 40 ounce beers (missiles)

Just click on a missile (40) below and you'll see a little info on the individual 40ouncer.

101 40's and counting!!!

I have sold/defaced/traded away all but 12 of these 40's, I am strictly collecting energy drinks now.

LIST O' 40's


Rock Head

Lucky Number 7-11

Colt 45


Olde English 800

OE800 $1.99srp

OE High Gravity

OE800 Ice

Camo HG Lager

Camo silver ice

St. Ides Premium

St.Ides high gravity

Colt 45

Colt45 powermaster

211 (black)

211 (silver)

Mickey's (4)

Mickey's Ice

Big Bear

Rainier Ale(2)

Ballantine Ale

Bad Frog

Little Kings

Bull Ice

Schlitz Bull Ice

Schlitz red bull(old)

Red Bull (current)

Schlitz Malt Liquor

Hurricane Ice(2)


King Cobra (2)

Bud Ice


Bud Light


Coors Light

Busch (2)


Lucky lager

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Night Flight

Country Club

Ice Man

Black Label 11-11

Silver Thunder

Coqui 900

Miller Lite

Private Stock

Crazy Horse (old)

Crazy Horse

Milwaukee's Best

Milwaukees best ice


miller genuine draft

Miller High Life

Old Style

Black Label

Side Pocket hg ale

Viper hg

Molson Ice



Colt 45 double malt

The Cat

Labatt Ice

Mt. Everest


St. Ides ($1.99 srp)


Rainier Ale

Old Milwaukee

Big Bear (old )

Milwaukees Best (new)

Milwaukees Best Ice (new)

Canadian 40's eh!!

Old English 800

Colt 45 (2)

Bull Max (2)

Extra Old Stock

Labatt's Wildcat

Black Label

Perfect 10

Black Bull

Lucky Lager Force10

Black label supreme

St. Ides

Maximum ice

Black Ice


Labatt Blue


Extra Old Stock (new)

Misc. 40's

Very old 40 w/no label. (R)

Autographed by Bruz.

I Collected 40ounce beer labels since 1994 and starting late 2002 I decided to collect the whole damn bottle. And in 2008 I sold/traded/delabeled all but 12.

To see the labels just click on IMT40's 40ounce BEER LABELS!!



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