IMT40s collection of 40ounce beer bottles (101 total)

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Bad Frog
Ballantine Ale
Big Bear (old label)
Big Bear (western)
Black Bull
Black Ice
Black Label 11-11
Black Label beer
Blatz (very old)
Bud Ice
Bud Light
Budweiser (Canadian)
Bull Ice
Bull Max (sm)
Bull Max (wm)
Busch w/neck label
Camo HG
Camo silver ice
Carling Black Label
Carling Black Label Supreme
Colt 45
Colt45 (very old variant)
Colt 45 (sm canadian)
Colt 45 (wm canadian)
Colt 45 "Powermaster"
Colt 45 "Double malt"
Coors Light
Coqui 900
Country Club
Crazy Horse (old)
Crazy Horse
Extra Old Stock (old label)
Extra Old Stock
Hurricane Ice
Hurricane Ice w/neck label
King Cobra
King Cobra (neck label)
Labatt Blue
Labatt Ice
Labatt Wildcat
Little Kings
Lucky Lager beer
Lucky Lager Force 10
Lucky Number 7-11
Maximum Ice
Mickey's (bee ul)
Mickey's (bee ll)
Mickey's (bee ur)
MIckey's (bee lr)
Mickey's Ice
Miller Genuine Draft (raised glass)
Miller Genuine Draft (flat glass)
Miller High Life
Miller Lite
Milwaukee's Best (old label)
Milwaukee's Best
Milwaukee's Best Ice (old label)
Milwaukee's Best Ice
Molson Ice
Mt. Everest
Night Flight
Old Milwaukee
Old Style
Olde English 800
Olde English 800 ($1.99 srp)
Olde English 800 (canadian)
Olde English 800 hg
Olde English 800 ice
Perfect 10
Private stock
Rainier Ale 7.2%
Rainier Ale 7.3%
Rainier Ale (current)
Rock Head
Schlitz Bull Ice
Schlitz malt liquor
Schlitz Red Bull (old)
Schlitz Red Bull
Side Pocket hg ale
Silver Thunder
St. Ides (premium)
St. Ides hg
St. Ides hg ($1.99 srp)
St. Ides (canadian)
The Cat
Viper hg
211 steel reserve (black label)
211 steel reserve (silver label)

Autographed (Bruz)

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