Rainier Ale (current)

First of all it is weird to me calling it Rainier Ale, I know thats the proper name but for as long as I can remember we here in the N.W. have always called it "Green Death".
I'm not a fan of ale's but this one stands out in flavor and buzz.
At the first hiss upon opening this 40 I always notice a fart like smell (more on farts later) if you smell this also, don't worry it's not skunked it's just a stinky ale to begin with.
I never like the first couple of drinks but for some reason it tastes better when its a little warm.
Now for the prize! It's fairly known and some may debate it but I'm very positive that "green death" will make you "fart like a beast", it never fails, the day after is always like an orchestra in my shorts with some funk added just to remind you what you swilled the night before.
Overall this is a great ale with a good buzz.
7.2% & 7.3% alc./vol.


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