Crazy Horse

Here is a review from a 40oz. crew member:
I just drank a 40 of the malt liquor known as Crazy Horse. It was delicious, it had no metallic, no bitter, no petroleum, no overpowering element, and no lingering aftertaste. Crazy Horse, an Oglala Sioux, has led the charge to victory once again by attacking my pallet with the spirit of sweet,clean water and full, yet mild malt and the tender embrace of candy-like hops. 9.5 swills of 10 because there is no perfect malt on this earth, the only true 10 will be tasted in the afterlife. I respect the honor of this great warrior's descendants no less when I say his name is on the bottle of the best. May the echoing thunder from your hooves upon the plains never die oh great one!
5.9% alc./vol.

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