Camo silver ice

I'm actually writing notes as I'm swilling the strongest 40 ouncer in the United States of America. Camo silver ice packs a whopping 9% alc. which makes me expect a harsh flavor, but 1/4 of the way down the bottle I'm convinced its a heavy but smooooooth taste. Ok, I'm to the label now and my head and eyes are buzzing alittle bit. half way down the label this 40 has taken a turn for the worst. I'm fearing its downhill from here. camo silver ice reminds me of "Colt 45" because it tasted great at a very cold temp. but once it got cold it tasted like a "truckers roid cushion". But I will say this missile produced a huge buzz, not a harsh buzz like OEhg and schlitz bull ice, but a Huge buzz thats SMOOOOOOTH. I rate this bitch a 6.5 outa 10. and I will say the strong buzz is the only thing that saved it .

Big thanks to Satan165 for getting me this one.

9% alc./vol.

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